"Cyber Brad"

"...and I Never Slice"

The 1999 Golf League season was a fun filled golf-fest dominated by "The final Plantation Campus Meltdown". Every "Player" had the misfortunes and downsizing of SEL, Gould, Nippon, Encore, Gores and Sun swirling in their respective heads. However, every Wednesday and Thursday we buried the workday and played to the depths of our abilities. Steve finally dumped me as a partner and w/o a conscience as his guide he was able to "sandbag" and finally duplicate Jack and Dion's 1995 Wednesday Night "A" flight championship. As always my former partner (index -5) and I, hence to forth known as divorcees had pledged to make more putts, play more holes and meet in the playoffs. All else is irrelevant in the eyes of the Golf Gods, otherwise known as Mark and Rob. Well we didn't meet in the playoffs as the DeRolf brothers choked. But somehow, some way, Steve and his host of silly subs ( Jeff, Mark and Brad ) persevered and won the 1999 SGL championship in one of the most bizarre playoff rounds ever recorded in the annals of intramural sports.

Of course the saga did not end with the shutting down of the Plantation campus. Many of us transferred to Sun's wonderful campus in Broomfield, Colorado. We started a new golf league in CO where Art Larkin and I, not to mention many other former Encore employees were able to become intramural golf champions. Andy, Mark, Julie and Kelly come to mind. However the tech sector has it's ups and downs and after several illegal rounds of "Glow Ball", Sun decided that I was too diverse and I would no longer be working on our Remote Monitoring project, StorADE. So in October 2005, I stepped down as SGL president and turned over the reigns to Julie Paul and the new Sun employees from Storage Tek. Which is now Oracle. However, the Sun golf league pages remain for historical purposes. Anyone wishing to utilize my Software to run a Golf League(s) may contact me via e-mail.

I no longer play golf, but do occasionally kick it around with former co-workers, Steve, Rob, Kevin, Art, Jeff and Jim in the Concurrent Golf League After a stints at Freescale, Motorola Solutions, and Citrix, I am currently developing software for Intel in Longmont, Colorado.

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